New Honda Civic Type R

Behold finally arrives, after 3 years of concepts and teasers that neither Sebastian in foggy morning the Honda Civic Type R comes in serial form at the Geneva Motor Show and the most important for me is not the Civic Type R itself: is that while the current GTI's harvest compact as the Golf or Megane went up to 270 or 280 horses the new generation as the Focus RS and the Civic Type R have passed the barrier of 300 horses! New arms race?

honda civic type r 2015

honda civic type r

There are some changes from concept to the final version - the rear spoiler loses incorporated lamps which is a real shame, but above all it seems that only glued plastic parts to a normal Civic. I can not explain but the concept seemed a more slick product, while the final version looks ... underdone.

 civic type r

civic R 2015

honda car type r 2015

And under the bonnet the first Type R with turbo engine - a four-cylinder turbo that delivers 310 horses and 400 Nm on the front wheels via a differential self-limited slip and specific front suspension. The gearbox is 6-speed manual and according to Honda is capable of reaching 270 km / h and goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 sec A choice of front-wheel drive is unique - all that exceeded this level of power resort to all-wheel drive as the Golf R, Focus RS and the Audi RS3 will be a differential and suspension specifies will be able to compensate?

honda type r 2015

new civic

interior civic type r 2015
interior civic type r 2015

Inside we have the typical look of a male sports bag - black with red accents all over the side - can feel the smell of "Drakkar Noir".

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